Palliative Home Care Services

Our palliative home care services

Home Health - ReadingEnd of life palliative home care is all about dignity. It is about allowing a patient to live as well as they possibly can for the remainder of the time they have left and then allowing them to die in the most comfortable manner they can.

Incurable illnesses are an extremely tough thing to deal with, not only for the patient themselves but also for the loved ones around them who are having to come to terms with their impending loss. Our care team in Fleetwood help patients and families who are going through this enjoy the time they have left together. Most people would prefer to face the end in the comfort of their own homes, which is where our home-based care comes in.

We provide the patient with the best possible pain control available to help deal with their physical symptoms, and also offer psychological support to help them and their family deal with what is coming. We also offer help with the legal issues that arise during the last weeks or months of someone’s life (such as creating power of attorney) to give them additional peace of mind.

After the patient’s passing has occurred, we continue to support their family and loved ones to help them through the bereavement process. Even though the patient may have moved on, we still offer advice and help to those they loved.

We operate a recruitment policy that ensures we only employ people we would feel happy caring for our own friends and family, so you can be sure that the care administered by us here at The Local Care will be of the very highest standards.

To find out how we could help make the last days of your loved one’s life as dignified and comfortable as possible, please get in touch on 01253 874 056 to speak to our care team. We can also arrange to come out and meet you in person so you can check that our services are exactly what you require.