Mental Health Home Care

The Local Care mental health home care services

The Local Care provide mental health home care services to support people with mental health issues When administering care, mental health problems can be challenging to deal with. Carers of people with mental illnesses must be firm and compassionate in order to ensure patients’ safety and help them retain their dignity. It can be a hard balance to strike.

Here at The Local Care, we help patients in the Fleetwood area with mental health issues, ranging from mild anxiety through to more severe panic-related problems, in their own homes. We help them on a day-to-day basis with simple tasks, like getting their breakfast or a cup of tea, and take the time to talk to them about the things that have gone on in their lives in an attempt to keep the brain as active as possible.

We visit during the day as little or as often as each individual patient requires. Our overall aim is to keep the patient engaged with their care but leave them enough breathing space so that they do not feel under any pressure that may ultimately cause them distress or anxiety.

Our entire team takes the dignity of our patients extremely seriously; they are given frequent training and management feedback to ensure they are working both within the guidelines set out by government and also meeting the high standards of care that we expect.

We have a very stringent recruitment process and we only employ carers we would be happy to have caring for our own relatives. As part of this process, we establish the ability of the carer to deal with mental health related issues in our patients; we also make sure prospective carers display the appropriate people skills.

To see how we could help care for a loved one with mental health issues in the Fylde Coast region, please give us a call on 01253 874 056 and we can talk through your requirements. We can also arrange a time for us to come out and meet you in person, so that you can see for yourself that our services are exactly what you and your loved one need.